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Treetop Walkway

Unearthly walkway overlooking Šumava.

The treetop walkway is unique in the Czech Republic and reaches a height of 40 meters. Its visitors can admire the beautiful view of the Lipno lake, the Šumava nature, the Novohradské mountains and the Austrian Alps on the horizon. There are educational boards that inform about the function of the forest and its protection. To liven up the walk a little, there are three places with rope elements placed in the height of 24 meters and also a dry water slide.

You can walk there via a hiking trail or take the cable car, or the so called Stezkabus. You can make your way down by taking a ride on a scooter, which you can borrow at the top, and return it under the hill.

Photo source: Petr Kadlec (CC BY-SA 2.0)