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The Church of Sts. Peter and Paul's Lookout Tower

Tower of one of the oldest churches in Bohemia, with a view of Mělník and its surroundings.

Church of Sts. Peter and Paul is one of the oldest temples in our country. The dominant 60-meter Gothic tower dates back to the 15th century and is open to the public. The view from the tower offers you a view of the Mělník chateau or the confluence of the Elbe and Vltava rivers and, with good visibility, you can see, for example, the towns of Kralupy nad Vltavou and Kladno, as well as the northern peaks of the České středohoří Mountains, with a „cone“ of Mount Říp right in front of you.

The ascent to the tower is possible in the opening hours, outside of which it is possible to order entry for at least 10 people. Entrance to the church is possible by prior arrangement. Another attraction is one of the largest Czech ossuaries, which is located in the crypt under the chancel of the temple.