Rope park Zadov

Rope park in the heart of Šumava nature.

Want to move your limits? Improve your dexterity, motion creativity and confidence? Visit the Zadov Rope Park, the highest rope park in Bohemia.

In the rope park, you will be challenged to overcome many obstacles, rope crossings, wooden footbridges and fun downhill rides. You can choose 3 different circuits according to difficulty.

  • The easiest circuit takes up to 45 minutes, and you will learn how to work with climbing equipment under the supervision of an instructor. 
  • The middle circuit takes up to 90 minutes and is divided into 2 height sub-circuits in the treetops.
  • In the toughest circuit, you will pass through all the obstacles (about 30), and reach 12m altitude. It takes up to 120 minutes.

Let's go into the ropes in the tree crowns!