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Natural monument Černolické Rocks

The first mountaineering site in Bohemia.

Above the village of Černolice, on the area of 2 hectares, lies the natural monument Černolické Rocks, which is accessible for example from Všenory along the yellow tourist trail. They were historically the first mountaineering site in Bohemia (1905) and there are mostly ascents that lead through a hard terrain with light and medium difficulty. If you enjoy climbing rocks, prepare yourself for perpendicular and overhanging walls, sometimes up to 20 m high.

From the rock mass of Ordovician quartz we can see the local landscape as if on the palm of your hand. The rock has an interesting shape because the transverse tectonic lines formed three larger segments here. Above all, biology lovers will appreciate the remains of trilobites and brachiopods that have been traced back to ancient times. 

Photo source: Ladislav Boháč (CC BY 2.0), Zp (CC BY-SA 3.0)