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Máslovická stráň Nature Reserve

Unique landscape area.

Máslovická stráň (hillside) is a wooded slope above the Máslovický brook valley. The local dry meadows, forest steppes, rocky steppes and local flora and fauna are protected here. It is recommended to explore mainly Choč and the hillside under power lines where nature is best preserved.

The Máslovice Nature Trail is lined with sculptures that introduce the local nature. However, a politician and journalist, Dr. Julius Grégr, who built a villa here, is introduced at the beginning of the trail, and we will also find information about the Beekeeping Research Institute. In addition, numerous unique creations such as bee hives, which offer information about bees, a bird tree familiarizing us with birds, and a compass pointing to different locations, appear along the trail.

You can walk along the trail to the Little Museum of Butter, where visitors can learn about the history of Máslovice and explore interesting objects such as historic churns, butter molds etc.

Photo source: Jiří Komárek (CC BY-SA 4.0)