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Jarník Lookout Tower

Lookout tower in Písek mountains with a view of the vast surroundings.

The modern lookout tower opened in 1997 allows a view of the distant Šumava. The Jarník lookout tower is 60 meters high and also serves as a telecommunication tower.

The lookout tower can be reached via the red-marked path directly from the center of Písek, along the yellow-marked path from Horní Novosedly and along the blue one from the village of Kluky. The observation tower is freely accessible.


When the Czech Tourists' Club was founded in 1901, they started looking for a place to build a lookout tower with a view of Písek. The Jarník peak appeared to be the ideal place, but the local vegetation was tall and the observation tower would have to be at least 28 meters high. Such a structure exceeded the financial capacity of the association. Finally, a simple wooden lookout tower was built less than a kilometer from its originally intended location, which had to wait for its own lookout tower until 1997.